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CustodyXChange Parenting Software

I Wouldn't Have Won Custody Without It

Mais Rating: EXCELLENT

PROS: Tracks parenting time. Creates Parenting Plans. Prints usable documentation for court cases or any other required circumstances. Great tool to create, manage, share and track parenting time, post-divorce.

CONS: Full capabilities cost $300 (but there's less expensive versions). Isn't password protected for security.

BOTTOM LINE: Custody X Change is a must-have if you want to get custody of your kids and manage parenting schedules post-divorce.

Proving your consistent daily presence in your children’s life requires you to be meticulous. My children’s future depended on my outcome in court, so I used a Custody X Change. 95% of people in custody battles don’t calculate how much time they spend with their children. Most people estimate their time spent and can’t prove it in court..

Why Is It Worth It?

Custody X Change gives divorced, separated, or single parents the ability to accurately track time spent with their children. In court, having this documented evidence 1) shows how serious you are about your children and 2) gives you evidence that’s more accurate and concrete than you saying, “I’m the primary parent.” Custody X Change shows daily tangible evidence of your presence in their lives. After introducing Custody X Change to my lawyer, they began advising all their clients to use it as well.

How Much Does It Cost?

Buying the software is easy. Visit There are different versions to choose from — Free, Lite, Personal, and Deluxe. All versions range between $0 — $297. Pay a one-time fee and use it forever (you’ll need it). The one-time fee includes free updates and system enhancements for life. It can also be installed on multiple devices at a time and be re-installed as many times as you’d need for free. Custody X Change also offers payment plans. They recognize how crazy our finances can be in a divorce. They work with all budgets. When you buy it, you can use the software right away, even on a payment plan. In addition, if you buy one version and want to upgrade later, the cost to upgrade is only the difference in price between versions. You don’t have to buy the new version at full cost. You can also upgrade to a more expensive version at no additional cost.

How Did It Help Me Win Custody?

Hey, spending time with your children doesn’t make you the better parent. What you do with that time is also important.

Saying that you’re the best parent because you spend 60% of the time with your kids isn’t enough. I gave the court concrete evidence, by documenting/journaling every single day together. Journaling your caregiving activities helps when disputes or future disagreements happen. No more he said/she said. Journal your child's milestones, their progress in school, trips you’ve taken together, and other daily events. This may seem like a headache, but it shows the court the level of commitment, effort, and seriousness you bring with your parenting ability. I journaled the following caregiving activities every single day, in Custody X Change:

• Morning and night rituals

• Meals cooked

• School/daycare/after-school activities

• Out of pocket expenses

• Teacher visits

• Medical appointments

• Dates and fun trips

• Helping them with their homework

• Weekend events

• Negative events regarding your STBX (soon to be ex)

I journaled all our time together, printed it all for court and gave the judge some tangible evidence to base his decision on. The proof is in my results; I won primary legal & physical child custody. I won child support. I won their home. I didn’t pay alimony or spousal support. And my STBX paid some of my court costs. SHE received visitation every other weekend. She worked full-time, didn’t have a seedy past and they raised their children together for 10+ years, as detailed in my book, MENy Calculations: Win Divorce & Custody Before You Even Step Into Court (Volume 1).


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