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13 All-Star Dads Share Their Proudest Moments as Fathers (and heart-warming pics with their kids!)

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

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Jason Pritchard

"My proudest moment as a father is watching my children happily playing together on the beach, simply enjoying life."


Steve Tate

"My proudest moment as a Dad has been the way we have honored my son who passed away from a brain tumor in 2016. We started a foundation in his honor and spend much of our time helping others battling childhood cancer. "


Michael Ashford

Encouraging fathers to live an active, involved, healthy life with their children

"My proudest moments as a father come when my children display kindness and thoughtfulness towards others — when my son opens the door for someone at the gym, or when my daughter stops playing on the playground to go help another crying child. It is in these moments when they put others before themselves that I am most proud."


Vickram Agarwal

"My wife and I take our two year old to the park as often as we can. Most of the kids around are several years older and our daughter runs around them, sometimes interacting and smiling, but she is too young to play with them. The other day we noticed an older girl sitting in the corner, very obviously ignored by a group of girls playing elsewhere.
Without making the optics too apparent, we took this as a teachable moment and encouraged our daughter to play with the her. Obviously too young to be influenced by the "in and out" crew, our little one was so happy with her new friend and they spent the evening playing together. The other girl was thrilled too, despite the age gap. I watched my little angel spread love, bring a smile to another person and show kindness and empathy. I know she probably doesn't know the impact she had that day, but we do and this really was a moment of immense pride for me as a father. "


Oz Patton

"My proudest moment as a dad, was when my daughter built a mini robot and programmed it to destroy. Lol just kidding, she made an instructional video on how to build and use it. "


Rogue Dad M.D.

"My proudest achievement, and greatest horror, is raising a son who at age 9 is old enough to out-smart me."


Adam Cohen

"I'm not one to stop and pat myself on the back... so I really don't know if I have an achievement or moment that I would consider the proudest... I just take the small wins when I can get them and keep moving forward."


Toby Morse

"My son being brave & fearless enough to have this makeover for a Divine LGBT Campaign for Kat Von D Beauty done when he was 14 years old. This was one of my proudest moments as a father. "


Matt Hurst

"Santa brought my daughter her first bicycle for Christmas and for three straight days I helped her learn how to ride it - instruction, advice, encouragement. Each day she was so proud of herself and just so happy that she was riding this bike on her own. She was oozing enthusiasm and confidence. And that was a result of me. The instruction, the encouragement, the fun we had together. I helped create a teaching moment and one that made her proud of herself and confident.
So, there is no real proudest moment. It's a series of little moments like that where I can help my daughter be confident in herself and her abilities, and where I can see her pride, happiness, and positive demeanor as a direct result of a lesson or advice I provided to her. There is no better feeling than that. Having the ability to positively influence a human life in the hopes that your learnings and lessons along your own path create a better understanding for your children, and in an ideological sense, the world."


Lyfe of Dad

"Would probably have to be how quickly my son (3yo) has got the hang of using the toilet. In the space of a week he went from nappies (diapers) during the day, to underwear, being able to identify when he needs to go to the toilet, going in there himself, setting up his seat, and doing the business, without needing to tell anyone he's going.
That's the proudest moment, because the achievement was all him and his mum."


Josh AKA Zero

"My proudest achievement as a father is watching my kids grow up respectful, intelligent, & humorous. Nothing on earth makes me feel happier knowing my children are learning, growing, & are funny. I don’t have a proudest moment as a father as there are too many to name, but I am proud of my children.
ZJ is funny smart, a talented artist, and is the best big brother, & Luna is funny, smart, a talented little artist, and can sing her little butt off. So if I’m proud of anything, I’m proud that my kids are growing to be awesome & I'm able to be involved & alive to watch every single step of their journey. "


John Francis

"My proudest achievement as a father - starting a "New Holiday for Dads" called FATHERS EVE, and engaging my 2 daughters in helping me with it!
They see and understand how important the role of Dads / Fathers is, they know it, we talk about it, they appreciate it - hard to believe, but it's TRUE.
They see me and my (volunteer and charity) work on Fathers Eve, and they see how it's having a POSITIVE IMPACT on other dads / fathers all over!
In 2018 we had events in 43 cities and impacted over 1,000 dads IN PERSON for REAL!!"


John Griffith

"My proudest achievement was this, which I expressed in my book.
As your dad, I am going to do my very best to encourage you to choose the desires and experiences you feel are right for you. It is your life after all, not mine.” The only way you can be passionate and have faith in what you desire, is if they are your desires and daydreams, not mine for you.
This was a big deal for me, and my girls. I think a big mistake many parents make is the imposing of their own desires in the lives of their children."


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