I WON primary legal & physical child custody. I WON child support. I WON our home. I DIDN'T PAY alimony. I DIDN'T PAY spousal support. My STBX (soon to be ex) paid some of MY court costs and got visitation every other weekend. She worked full-time, didn’t have a seedy past and we raised our children together for 10+ years. Still I WON. 

MENy Calculations: Win Divorce & Custody Before You Step Into Court (Volume 1), isn’t like typical divorce books for men. It arms guys with valuable insight, help and tips for messy divorces and how to strategically win. This book delivers practical divorce help for men. All men - not just fathers seeking child custody. This book was purposely written to support an under-advised population of guys on their gravely road ahead - told the way I’d tell a buddy in need. So, let’s grab a drink, one on one, talk preparation, strategy and get you some financial help in the process. We’ve got a lot to talk about. 

MENy Calculations, invites you into the 20% club of custodial fathers who won their divorces and child custody - like me. This savage and ambitious book shows you how to prepare for the fight of your life - through a surprisingly simple and groundbreaking approach. We’ll talk legal matters, but I’m no lawyer. I’m just a guy, with a 9-5 who’s probably walked where you’re going, felt what you’re feeling and fallen where you stand. Divorce knocked me down. But I got up stronger and wiser - having recorded the lessons I learned. Lessons, I wish I’d known sooner and offer to you like the shirt off my back.



MENy Calculations: Win Divorce & Custody Before You Even Step Into Court (Vol 1)


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