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Top 3 Signs You Should You Leave Your Partner

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

When you look at the picture above, what comes to mind? The last date you went on with your partner? The first week you two decided to move in together? The first time she met your brother? I think we all can relate to the picture above because we’ve all been there. We met the girl. We dumped the girl. We waited for the right girl. But still, one day you find yourself looking like the couple above. Your not sure exactly how it got this bad, but you know it can’t go on like this. Is she going to change? Do you need to change?

While we’d all like to think it won’t happen to us, statistics aren’t on our side. According to a recent study by Stanford University, sixty percent of the unmarried couples who had been together for less than 2 months were no longer together a year later. That means that is only a 40% chance that your relationship with your current partner is going to last more than two months.

If I was a gambling man, I wouldn’t bet on those odds. So one must ask the question, what is driving so many couples apart? And how can I tell which side of the coin me and my partner are on? Well luckily for you, we went ahead and listed out the Top 3 signs you should leave your partner.

Constantly Busy

If your partner is constantly busy, than they won’t have time to address issues in your relationship. This will take the form of them suddenly staying later at work, or volunteering to help out other friends and family. “Can we talk about this later? I have to go help my sister with her kids.” (Sound familiar?) And as long as they stay busy, the underlying issues in your relationship won’t have to come to light. This is the equivalent to kicking the emotional can down the road.

Miscommunication over small issues

Miscommunication happens when big things are happening like getting Thanksgiving Dinner ready, or traveling out of town. But when you’re having a hard time meeting up at a restaurant at the same time, it’s a sign that your partner is starting to disconnect from you. But rather than address the core issue, your partner will deflect and put the blame on you. They will say you’re not listening enough, not paying enough attention to her when you on the phone with her. This can be a major sign that you should consider leaving your partner.

Comparing you to other couples

“Stacy and her boyfriend….” Or “My best friend’s fiancé always…..for her.” Your partner should never be comparing you to other couples unless it’s in a fun or casual way. This is a form of humiliation where she is trying to draw attention for what you don’t do for you rather than what you do for her. She’s behaving like you are a dog and she is trying to run your nose in it. This is not acceptable behavior and you should not have to tolerate it.

Should I leave my Partner?

This is a question that you and only you can answer for yourself. But generally your partner should always look for ways to build up your relationship, rather than constantly try to tear it down. And if your partner is constantly tearing it down trying to rebuild you into someone your not, then it’s time to let it go. Her trying to rebuild you is a big red flag that she has some issues with unmet expectations about what a relationship is supposed to be about. And you don’t want to waste your time being her Guinea pig to experiment on.


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