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Take “The #MANityChallenge”

Months ago, I played basketball for the first time in 20 years. As a kid, I played daily from sun up to sun down. Today, I’m still in good shape (for someone in their early 40s), but upon my return I got “hands on my knees” tired after 5 minutes into a half-court game. Later, I shot the ball over the glass twice from close range, and my knees are still sore. I look and feel half my age, but clearly, I’m not. Looks are deceiving.

Having a vagina doesn’t necessarily mean that the women in our lives are more mature, responsible, capable and a better spouse/parent. Sometimes that’s the case, however, this isn’t always. Do you ever wonder who’d win a one-on-one battle for who’s a more mature, more responsible, and more capable partner? Could you win a showdown for who’s the better spouse and the better parent? If you’re curious (for any reason), take the MANity Challenge.

What Is MANity?

MANity measures how Mature, Responsible, and Capable you are as a partner. It also measures how much Spousal & Caregiving Partnership you’re showing (or showed) throughout your marriage.

How Is Our MANity calculated?

My Maturity Level

+ My Responsibility Level

+ My Capability Level


+ My Spousal Partnership Level

+ My Caregiving Partnership Level


MRC + SCP = MANity

How Mature, Responsible and Capable Are You? (MRC)

The MRC Test compares you and your partner’s Maturity, Responsibility and Capabilities during the marriage/relationship. The MRC measures who truly leads/led the house and made better decisions.

Step One: Take the MRC Test (Highest Score Wins)

Compare You vs. Your Partner (the winner gets a 10, loser a 0, a tie earns you both a 5)

1. Any documented abuse (in any form)?

2. Any infidelity?

3. Who wears/wore the pants and makes/made big decisions?

4. Who is/was more established (financially, physically, etc.)?

5. Who has/had a plan, more goals, and follow-through?

6. Who has/had more self-control?

7. Who is/was more open-minded?

8. Who is/was more self-aware?

Are You A Good Spouse and Caregiver? (SCP)

The SCP Test compares you and your partner’s Spousal and Caregiving skills during the marriage/relationship. The SCP determines who was the better provider. While MRC Test compares how you conduct YOURSELF within the marriage or relationship, the SCP Test compares how well you care for OTHERS within the marriage or relationship.

Step Two: Take the SCP Test (Highest Score Wins)

Compare You vs. Your Partner (the winner gets a 10, loser a 0, a tie earns you both a 5)

1. Who makes/made the most money (primary breadwinner)?

2. Who is/was the primary parent with your children?

3. Who makes/made healthier choices (food, fitness, etc.)?

4. Who is/was the most emotionally stable?

5. Who has/had a stronger support system (family, friends, etc.)?

6. Who has/had a stronger belief system (religion, values, etc.)?

Add up your MRC and SCP Test Scores. Obviously, the perfect score is 140. Look at your score - if you score higher, great job and congratulations. If your partner scores higher, you have some work to do.

If you’re currently in a happy stable relationship, the MANity Challenge is a great indicator of your opportunities to be a better man and partner. Identifying your weak areas will show you where to focus. If you’re currently separated and divorcing, the MANity Challenge is a great activity to prepare for divorce court. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses will allow you to create an action plan that can equal the playing field in your court proceedings.

How did you do?

Post your scores and let me know how you did!


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